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23. December 2015 20:36

P5/3Z9DX Ham radio activation of North Korea

The ARRL reports the first amateur radio operation from Pyongyang, N.Korea in 13 years took place on December 20. In an...

10. December 2015 13:12

Icom IC-7300 starts up in Japan....

Icom announced on, December 7th 2015, that delivery of the new IC-7300 will start from mid January 2016 for the Japanese market,...

26. August 2015 18:02

Baofeng buys Tokyo High Power Labs....

The takeover of the Tokyo High Power Labs should be taken place late of 2014th After officially...


CQ CQ CQ from Delta Lima One Bravo India ..... yes, it started in 2008 ....

But back to the beginning.

My name is Andy, born in year 1963, certainly not so young, but at least you feel even an extent.

It all began in 1972. at this time I got from my father to a Grundig portable radio device with short wave reception as a gift.

From then, accompanied me this good radio almost everywhere i went, and I became more and more outside the VHF frequencies to stop .... and discovered after quite a short time, my future love .... the short wave was there ..... .....

This constant clicking, and noises, with the daily surprise ...What and where we will hear something today ? I was fascinated more and more so that I completely dipped in the SWL scene.

Due to the continuous advancements in these years of short-wave radio receivers, began for me the technical races. At the same time were also the first antenna projects carried by myself, but at the beginning with moderate success.

But a successful short-wave reception also requires a knowledge in terms of antenna technology. Over the years I also heard regularly into the amateur radio bands, and found that part of the Short Wave are very interesting as well. I decided even in the 80s once to seek for the amateur radio license, but it went through my personal career completely wrong.

Also, a second attempt at a local Ham Radio Club was not sucesfull. So I stayed further in the SWL Scene.

In addition to the still very active career as a listener on the Short Wave. I pressed myself to radio technology again on the 11m band. The very limited opportunities there, showed me very quickly that it could never be on time there. So, i stopped these activity rapidly.

In the following years, from time to time new receivers came into my Shack, it took my wife to regret never an end.

Up to 2007 ....,, following of an exchange of my JRC NRD-545 with an Icom transceiver, I had  from now an amateur radio device, but no Ham license.

That was at the beginning of 2008 the go-ahead for me, to get first the necessary training materials for the HAM licence examination.

And since the firm was born, to intent in my summer holiday the necessary legal and operational knowledge to go trough the licence examination.

In September 2008 i was ready, well prepared, to went to the Federal Telecommunication Agency, and I came back with my new license. To my special delight, i got the call DL1BI. which was first time on air in 1956, at a time where given only a few licenses to amateur radio stations in Germany.

Due to many inquiries in several QSO's to me. the meaning and history of this call sign became aware to me later. One is therefore safe, I'll keep it in the sense of the previous owner in honor of ....

In this sense, well will hear us somewhere in the depths of the beloved short wave

vy 73 de

Om Andy