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23. December 2015 20:36

P5/3Z9DX Ham radio activation of North Korea

The ARRL reports the first amateur radio operation from Pyongyang, N.Korea in 13 years took place on December 20. In an...

10. December 2015 13:12

Icom IC-7300 starts up in Japan....

Icom announced on, December 7th 2015, that delivery of the new IC-7300 will start from mid January 2016 for the Japanese market,...

26. August 2015 18:02

Baofeng buys Tokyo High Power Labs....

The takeover of the Tokyo High Power Labs should be taken place late of 2014th After officially...


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Emtron DX-3 SP..news from Emtron AU......

12.05.2013 15:48 Age: 5 yrs

The "Big Gun" is getting even bigger, with the new DX-3SP! With over 4000 Watts CW and more then 4500 Watts SSB, this QRO muscle amp is not a joke! It is an amplifier with gravitas capable of satisfying the serious and most fastidious station operator. All specifications and features, except output power, are the same all throughout the Emtron amplifier product range, and the DX-3SP comes complete with QSK module as standard. The design deploys two durable FU-728F tubes (improved Chinese mil-version of the 4CX1500B) in parallel, with a total plate dissipation of 3000 Watts, comfortably delivering the expected output power and durability. These robust FU728F tubes are manufactured in present production and are available directly from the manufacturer, or from Emtron, exclusively for Emtron amplifier owners. We believe that this new DX-3SP is physically the smallest 4000 Watt desktop RF amplifier on the market today, and the most popular as well.
Please note: This new DX-3SP comes with two FU-728B tubes, which are directly interchangeable with Eimac 4CX1500B tubes! Only the filament tap on the transformer must be changed from 9 volt to 6 volt, if Eimac tubes are used!
The DX-3SP operates at voltages of 200 to 240 AC at approx. 35 Amps. A 400 Volt two-phase transformer is also available!!!
Weight: 50 Kg (110 lb), shipped in two separate boxes, transformer and RF deck.
Dimension: 470w x 230h x 470d mm , (18.5" w x 9" h x 18.5" d ) for RF deck.

Emtron has been startet as well the new website at www.emtron.com.au 

Enjoy it !!!